JQRacing 2015 Race Pit Presence!

JQRacing 2015 Pit Presence!
Interested in representing your favourite brand in style?

Now is the time get what you need through JQRacing.com. Our full line of tents, banners, flags and of course full pit sets are now available for preorder! In case you are interested in looking cool at the track and representing JQRacing, please download the Preorder File, fill in your order and email it to: theshop<at>jq-products.com . As soon as all preorders are gathered we will contact you with final pricing, shipping costs, delivery dates etc. and you can place your final order. Please place your pre orders by the 19th of December!

More pics can be found Here

JQRacing Advent Deals!!

JQRacing Advent Deals!
Christmas is around the corner, enjoy every day until then with JQRacing!

We have all enjoyed Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendars, always exciting to know that a small treat is waiting for you in the morning. We at JQRacing have decided to recreate this feeling JQ-style! Every day, one new deal or unique product will be available in the JQRacing shop! There will be different types of treats, Limited Edition deals or products sold only for that day, or as long as stocks last, and also deals that will be valid until Christmas Day! We also have a few new products that will be released. Make sure you check the following JQRacing links every day at 3pm GMT to get your treat! 

Since today is the 1st of December, the first deal will be online later today!

Europe Treats
US Treats
International Treats


Get Sponsored by JQRacing!


Check THE Locator, no team drivers or dealers in your area? You can help us build a presence in your local racing scene. We are mainly looking for US based drivers since we handle the distribution of our products directly, but do not hesitate to contact us if you are in any other part of the world. Make sure you check THIS before making your decision and contacting us!
JQRacing designs and produces 1/8th scale buggies with one goal in mind - Creating fantastic products for awesome racing experiences. We take our job and our responsibility to our Team Drivers very seriously. However there is a price to pay - While you complete the Team Driver Application the question you should be asking yourself ISN’T ”What can JQRacing do for me?” BUT ”What can I do for JQRacing?” BECAUSE the more you give to JQRacing the more JQRacing will give you.



It goes without saying that being a skillfull driver, winning at club, international or world level is extremely important to JQRacing, BUT it is not the only important quality and we can’t all be the best all the time. ”We do what we want, so should you” has been a JQ philosophy from the beginning. So what do you want to do? If the answer is drive for JQRacing then differentiate yourself. JQRacing values a range of skills and characteristics. Passion, potential, dedication, honesty, loyalty, generosity, imagination, individuality, sense of humour … let us know what you’ve got, tell us about yourself.

THECar Hard Suspension Arms Now Available!
THECar Hard Suspension Arms Now Available!

THECar Hard Suspension Arms Now Available!

Racing in hot climates? Ever wanted to make your car more stable? We now have the solution! The all new Hard suspension arms for THECar White Edition. We now offer harder compound arms as option parts, which help you get the most out of your car! Standard arms will still be available for all other cases where a more flexible suspension arm is needed. Make sure you get yours now from your local dealer or if not available through JQRacing.com

JQB0371THE JQRacing Hard Rear Arms (White Edition)

JQB0370, THE JQRacing Hard Front Arms (White Edition)
THECar and Miguel Haasbroek is the 2014 South African Champion!

Miguel Haasbroek TQ's and wins S.A nats Rd4, claiming his 3rd title!

The 4th and final round of the South African championships took place at Mandalay Raceway located in Pietermaritzburg, about one hour north of Durban.

Qualifying took place and JQ-Racing/REDS/AKA driver Miguel Haasbroek took an unexpected TQ ahead of South African legend Dean Steenmans in 2nd. Warren van der Merwe would round off the top 3.

In the main Dean failed to start the race as he suffered from a technical issue in the warm up. The race got underway and Miguel took an early lead with Warren looking very racy.
Miguel and Warren swapped places for the first half of the race, however, Miguel managed to pull away from Warren and never looked back ending up a lap ahead of the field. Justin van Biljon took the final podium spot.

Miguel's successful weekend would see him become South African Champion for the 3rd time. Tiaan Oelofse would finish 2nd overall with Warren van der Merwe rounding off the top 3 for 2014.


Nitro A final Results:

1st- Miguel Haasbroek-JQ/REDS/AKA
2nd- Warren van der Merwe- Agama/Bullitt/AKA
3rd- Justin van Biljon- Mugen/Bullitt/AKA

Overall 2014:

1st- Miguel Haasbroek- JQ/REDS/AKA
2nd- Tiaan Oelofse- Sworkz/RB/RB
3rd- Warren van der Merwe- Agama/Bullitt/Beta

In electric Thomas Schmuck would take the TQ and finish 3rd in the main. This gave Thomas the overall win for 2014 and saw him win his maiden S.A title in 1/8th electric.

Electric A final Results:

1st- Warren van der Merwe- Agama
2nd- Akshay Patel- TLR
3rd- Thomas Schmuck- JQ

Overall 2014:

1st- Thomas Schmuck- JQ
2nd- Christof Meyer- Xray
3rd- Akshay Patel- TLR

Miguel and Thomas, taking home the national titles in both nitro and electric classes for 2014! Great job!
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