THE Youngest Team Driver Max Mört
Thursday, 12 April 2012 15:23




Max Mört is a promising 10 year old RC racer from Finland. We have been supporting Max and his family with advice and help  for the few years they have been involved in the hobby. However, now Max has been able to secure a full Factory Team ride with JQ Products. Here is how it went down, in JQ's own words:

Last winter, before I headed over to USA, I was supposed to test the Tekno Conversion kit for THECar and the LRP 1:8th Electric Speedo and Motor. Needless to say it was looking like it wasn't going to happen, with my busy schedule. Max's father Henry, said that they would be happy to test it for me, so everything would be ready for when I flew over to USA. I said ok. After forgetting to order the LRP gear for a few weeks, I finally told Henry at the track. "Tonight I will order the LRP gear, and if I forget, I will give Max full factory sponsorship for JQ Products." The next day the phone rang, and as soon as I saw it was Henry, a few international powerwords may have been uttered, and I answered the phone by saying, "Welcome to THE Team". You're only as good as your word I guess!

However, this fits in perfectly with our brand, we have been looking for the right young drivers to support, drivers with passion, goals, and the right attitude. That is why we already support drivers like the Medjoubi brothers, Bradley Baird, Tanner Stees and Chris Marrale. And that is why I made this promise, because I knew, if I did forget, and lose this "bet" I would be winning anyway, maybe not right away, but in the future.