Last Pre Production "Plain Towers" Available Now



Before the production batch of our new "Plain Towers" arrives, we have a few pre-production towers left over, from those that our team drivers and THE100 successfully tested to offer to all of you. If you don't want to wait, get yours now! These are shipped worldwide from Finland, so if you are ordering from outside of Europe, we ask you to only include the towers in your order. The only difference to the future production units is the lack of any laser engraving. Geometry is the same.

Find the towers in our November deals HERE for Europe, and HERE for the rest of the world. Yes we know it is not November yet, we just thought we would get a head start!


299 For 299 Take Two!

299 For 299 Take Two!

Ever wanted to get into RC and did not have the budget?
Wanted to Upgade your RTR with a proven Race Car?
Now it is possible!

We at JQRacing love racing. Racing is our passion but does not always come cheap. We have decided to change that. We now offer our THECar Yellow edition for 299$ worldwide!* THECar Yellow Edition specs are:

  • Vehicle: 1:8 Nitro 4WD 
  • Width: 307mm 
  • Wheelbase: 324-328mm 
  • Weight: 3240g* 
  • Internal Gear Ratio: 3.3:1


  • Narrow, symmetrical chassis making THECar fast and agile.
  • Smooth, threaded "Silk Shocks™"
  • Extra (2,4 and 2,5mm) Swaybars
  • Extra (Hard) Springs
  • Smooth Gearing as Standard

Get yours today HERE!

*(While supplies last, in case there is no availability at your local distributor cars are being shipped directly from our factory in China)


Be a Part of our Social Media Image!



Since the Social media are now a part of our life we decided to involve you in our Social media image! Post any picture of your JQRacing ride or everyday RC experience on Instagram that includes any of our products using the #JQRacing hashtag and see your picture posted in our official Facebook account! All photos will be posted HERE. Get involved!

JQ Wins Finnish Nats Overall

The racing season is over in most countries, and most Championships have been decided. Joseph Quagraine managed to win the Finnish National Championships for the 3rd time running, and 5th time for THECar. What makes the championship special is that the first one was won in 2010 with THEPrototype, which means that THECar has been Finnish Champion every years since it first hit the track. In 2011 Ari Heinonen won with it. This years nationals showed some promising signs of a new generation of drivers getting into the fight for wins, with Joona Haatanen, Max Mört, and Joonas Hyvärinen all showing great form and huge improvements this year. Next year looks like it is going to be a tough one! With Bradley Baird also winning the Irish National Championships this year for JQRacing, Miguel Haasbroek is looking to become the third JQ driver to win his home nations championships, in a few weeks time. Below you can find the top 3 of the of the last race, as well as the overall series.


Nokia, Race 4/4

1. Joseph Quagraine JQ REDS AKA

2. Jarno Siltanen Mugen Novarossi Beta

3. Samppa Orhanen Kyosho Alpha Beta

Overall Championship

1. Joseph Quagraine JQ REDS AKA

2. Ari Heinonen Kyosho Alpha Beta

3. Joona Haatanen AE Novarossi JConcepts


JQRacing Press conference!




During the 2014 European championship JQRacing was introduced to the public. What is JQRacing? How is it different? What changed? So many questions need to be answered... Instead of sending a boring email with what is going on we decided to step in up, so the first ever RC related press conference was held! During the ongoing 2014 IFMAR world championship Joseph Quagraine has gathered all major media and team sponsors to give an idea of what JQRacing is all about. JQRacing is here to take RC to the next level by building a team were all team drivers with no exceptions will run the same equipment (with the much needed help of our sponsors: REDS engines, AKA Tires, LRP Electronics, Savöx Servos, GHEA accessories, Maugrafix Stickers, MIP Tools), wear the same clothing and represent in a professional manner. In addition the this JQThreads was also announced, a non RC company which will not only provide clothing for the team but also expand to other forms of motorsport starting from Motocross.


During the press conference, Heikki Naulapää introduced Cosmic Industries to the public, also revealing the Balancer body for THECar


Cosmic Industries, brainchild of Heikki Naulapää was also introduced to the public. Cosmic industries will join the long list of sponsors from now on, providing wing and bodyshell alternatives for THECar drivers. We want to welcome Heikki to JQRacing! We are sure that his talent and knowledge will be a great asset! 

More detailed reports and photos from the press conference can be found at: NeoBuggy, LiveRC and RedRC


Thank you everyone for coming!



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