THE Support at Neo14


THE Support at Neo 14!



Easter might be a nice holiday to spend at home and relax. Not if you are a hardcore racer! JQ Products will attand this year's Neo as usual to provide technical support and spare parts coverage to all JQ Products drivers. If you are racing THECar at this year's Neo make sure you stop by and say hi or ask for anything you might need so you enjoy your race as much as possible! Joseph Quagraine, Robert Gustafsson, Bradley Baird, Miguel Haasbroek, Elliot Taylor and Ilias Arkoudaris will be there so you got all you need! Please inform us at: THEteam[at] so we know you are coming and we can pit together!



Just a reminder of last year's Neo:





At this Years Neo Drivers will have the chance to also use our latest option parts: THE 14 Degree C Hubs!

THEGuide - For the White Edition



FINALLY, finished THEGuide, specifically written for the new White Edition. The translations will follow shortly, but for now, here it is in English.

Please read all about it HERE!


White Edition 14 degree C-hubs Now Available!



Caster angle is one of the most important tuning aids in any vehicle. Now THECar White edition owners can take advantage of this tuning aid with the use of our 14 Degree C hubs! They are available through our fine distributor and dealer network around the world, make sure you get yours today!


  • CNC Machined for maximum strength and perfect fit.
  • Laser etched for easy identification.
  • Black anodised.
  • Sold individually.


Part numbers:

  • JQB0351 (14 deg. C-hub Left)
  • JQB0352 (14 deg. C-hub Right)



JQ Wins African Adventure Challenge


The African Adventure Race at Avion Raceway in Johannesburg South Africa was held this past week end. There was a record turnout with about 65 racers turning up for this sunny week end on the track. It was a two day event, with qualifying on Saturday, and the Finals on Sunday. The track was quite tricky, due to the different grip conditions with high grip, and dusty loose sections, all put together as a random mix.




In qualifying JQ managed to TQ over the surprise of the race, 16 year old Jose Goncalves. He had recently bought a White Edition and was clearly comfortable with THECar! In South Africa there are no bump ups for some reason, so the top 10 after Qualifying formed the A Main. It was a 60 minute gruelling race, that saw JQ win, with new JQ Team Driver Miguel Haasbroek finishing about 15 seconds back in 2nd place. Third place went to Justin Biljon with his Mugen.



After the main was over, there was a 10 minute Dash for Cash race. The grid was set in reverse order, so some crazyness was guaranteed. Miguel got a great start and was in the lead after the first lap. Warren van der Merve was battling with him for the first spot in 2nd, and JQ was mid pack. After the race settled down, Miguel had a big lead over JQ who had driven up to 2nd. Then disaster struck for Miguel as he crashed and lost all of his lead. The last few minutes Miguel and JQ battled for the win, with JQ getting by on the last lap, only to lose it again in the next to last corner! For the final corner JQ tried carrying speed and cutting to the inside, but Miguel blocked it and the cars came together. JQ waited for Miguel to be marshalled and Miguel crossed the line 2000 rand richer. JQ 2nd, Warren 3rd.


JQ: This was the highest level race I have attended in South Africa so far, with the top 6 or so drivers finishing without problems. The main final was a great race, and good fun with the huge back jump and challenging conditions. I would like to say thank you to everyone who made this JQ Africa Tour possible, Thomas Schmuck and his family, Allan and Anina Dyer, Justin and Lindy Biljon, and all the JQ racers in SA! Thank you, and see you next time!

THECar White Edition Gets podium in Spain!




The weekend of 1-2 March the first regional race of the season in Madrid was held, in the spectacular Fuencarral track, in which there were 80 drivers. For this event, some of the best national championship drivers gathered, from different places from Spain just to enjoy this event. Saturday practice rounds were cancelled due to the rain, so, we had to work double on Sunday, and also practice. Classification was made in two heats and both counted. In the first one, I decided start calmly, with a small spin tire since the track was still wet and muddy, even so, I had issues with my clutch which caused me lose some time. For the second round, as the track was dry I decided go out with a different tire, in soft compound, I felt more comfortable, but, even so, I knew something was wrong since I was not able to drive smoothly. However, I got the third place in this heat which gave me the third overall position in the overall standings.



The Track!


After the sub finals were done, the track did not have the grip levels tha we are used to, so for the Semis I decided to try a small pin tire and as a last minute change I changed the position of the rear shocks and opted for different springs. After the Semi practice I realised that these last minute changes were perfect since I have achieved exactly what I was aiming for. The car behaved exactly as I needed and the engine provided all the power I needed for this hard track. When the semi started I just tired to stay calm and avoid making mistakes that cost valuable time. Five minutes into the race I realized I was running really comfortable in third, however I knew that the second position (Alberto Garcia) was really close so I tried to overtake. From that moment on we started a clean but fast and hard battle. We exchanged positions several times but finally I won the position, once this was secured I had my eyes on the first position but we had a gap berween us so I just cruised around until the end.

Finals time and the weather started to threaten the race. The referee decided to have a 30 min final instead of 45 since it started to rain and the track suffered a bit. At the start of the final I had the second position, early in the race the driver in the first position made a mistake so I took advantage of it and got the first position. I realized that my White edition car was perfect and it made me feel very comfortable and confident but I could not forget the other cars that were not too far behind. Refueling time came and I came into the pits first, my mechanics did a great job with no mistakes but after the pit stop I was running in second position. I soon realised that the other drivers opted for less pit stops. As the race progressed, after the last pit stop Alberto Garcia was 10 seconds ahead of me but I would never give up! In the last round we ended up with a 3 seconds difference, that I had no time to cover. It was a beautiful race and battle. Thank you to all my sponsors!


Final results:

Alberto Garcia SWorkz
Juanma Guillen JQ THECar White Edition
Daniel Vega Agama



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